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Building fortresses for your conversations.

About Us

Welcome to High Coiny, where innovation meets security in the realm of digital communication.

  • Secure Communication: We prioritize your privacy using cutting-edge blockchain.
  • Refined Experience: Our applications offer a seamless and sophisticated user.
  • Technological Innovation: Pushing the boundaries of DM3 protocols.

At High Coiny, We specialize in developing premium chat applications, ensuring unparalleled privacy through advanced blockchain technology and protocols like DM3 protocol, We redefine secure digital communication. Join us and experience the future of private messaging.

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Discover why High Coiny stands out in the world of secure digital communication.

And here are some questions that will explain why us.

01 Who benefits from using High Coiny chatting service?

Our service is ideal for users who value privacy. We do not even ask for your phone number or your email address.

02 Why is High Coiny chat application secure?

We use advanced cryptography to protect your privacy. Our service is built on top of the dm3 protocol and blockchain technology.


Explore our range of services tailored to empower your journey in the digital communication landscape.

Secured Messaging:

Experience unparalleled privacy and security with our state-of-the-art messaging solutions, designed to keep your conversations confidential.

Decentralized Identity:

Partner with us to integrate DID solutions, ensuring secure and verifiable digital identities for your users.

Chat Bots:

Engage in private conversations with customized bots that cater to your specific needs, enhancing your digital interaction.

In-house deployment (B2B):

Implement peer-to-peer messaging services within your organization, ensuring secure and efficient communication across your teams.

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You can try the very early demo using an Ethereum wallet, like MetaMask. Check the Try demo app now! And let us know your most desired features to implement it for you.

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Meet our dedicated team of experts, committed to revolutionizing secure and decentralized digital communication with innovation and excellence.

Mohammad Yassin

Chief Executive Officer / CO-Founder

A long experience as a Business and Requirement Analyst with excellent skills in Projects & Product Management. Being in the crypto since 2017 is a plus to his creativity and leadership abilities.

Muhammad Altabba

Chief Technical Officer / CO-Founder

15+ years of software development experience, and active in the crypto space since 2017. He also spent 2 years working with the team developing web3.js, which has 2 million downloads per month.

Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ"

Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our frequently asked questions below.

How secure are High Coiny chat applications?

Our chat applications leverage advanced blockchain technology and dm3 protocols to ensure the highest level of security for your conversations.

Who can benefit from using High Coiny applications?

High Coiny applications are designed for individuals and businesses alike who prioritize privacy and seek a secure digital communication platform.

How can I get started with High Coiny?

Getting started with High Coiny is easy! Try the demo app. It is free and does not even ask for your phone number or email address. To try it, you just need an fresh or old Ethereum wallet like MetaMask.

What support options are available to High Coiny users?

We offer dedicated support to ensure your experience with High Coiny is seamless. Reach out to our official group at Telegram for any assistance.

Can I customize High Coiny applications to suit my specific needs?

Yes! We like to make business partners and provide B2B services. We can offers customization options to tailor our applications to your unique requirements. Contact us to discuss your customization needs.